Configuring Retry Behavior in MQQM

Configuring Retry Behavior in MQQM object on DataPower

In a MQ Queue Manager Object, Automatic Retry is ON by default. But if we don’t amend the default values for Retry Interval, Retry Attempts & Long Retry Interval fields then it might lead to the following issues on DataPower appliance. To overcome these issues, we should wisely configure the respective field values in Retry Behavior block.
Configuring Retry Behavior in MQQM

We come to see the following two issues with default values. One is Appliance Reload/Re-boot & the other is Spikes-up the CPU on appliance.

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For the above mentioned issues, configure the values:
  • Retry Attempts – 6
  • Retry Interval – 10 seconds
  • Long Retry Interval – 600 seconds

In case of any connection issue with backend MQ server, DataPower MQ client will try 6 times to re-establish the connection with MQ server with a retry interval of 10 seconds. After that also, if DataPower is not able to make a connection then it will use Long Retry Interval.

Now your problem is resolved. :)
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