Creating a loopback service on MPG

We all know that MPG is short form for MultiPool Gateway. In this post you will be learning how to create a loopback service on MPG (MultiPool Gateway). Once we have done the basic configurations for WSP and MPGW like request, response types, Processing policy, XML “manager,http” or https” or any fresh handlers etc.

Creating a loopback service on MPG

Configuring MPGW:

As MPG, it acts as backend and it doesn’t call any other server or object or the backend option in MPG would be dynamic backend.

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Steps for configuring:
  • Select Dynamic Backend option on mpg.
  • Open Processing policy and create a request rule.
  • Use the appropriate actions to process the request like transform for any xpath validations.
  • Before result action, drag and drop the advanced action.
  • Open the advanced action and select the set variable option.
  • For variable name click service variable select var://service/mpgw/skip-backside.
  • Variable assignment can be given as 1.
  • Apply policy.
When MPG receives a request it will join the match rule in request rule and do the modifications specified in transform action and it will skip the backside connection and loop back the output context of previous action. This is the test for checking whether the MPG is working with the allowed configurations or not.
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